Why are Humans different from Animals? | Dissecting the logics

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Recently, I watched a podcast of Ranveer Allahbadia in which the guest was a Conservationist, Hans Dalal, who has spent 12 years of his life in the Jungle. His experienced, what he told, was extremely fascinating to me and forced me to find similarities and distinctions between us and the animals.

Ranveer show with Hans dalal

Generally, we consider Humans as rational animals who avid pleasure and avoid pain. But, this intrinsic ability is more or less is also found in animals. They also survive by avoiding danger on which their lives depend; otherwise, death is on the way. However, there is a difference when the distinctions are made by considering the fact of pleasure. Animals do not become avid for pleasure, or maybe they are not innately made for it. This is the point where animals differ from us. Their only purpose in life is to survive while the Humans live not just to survive but also to improve themselves, so they can enjoy their existence.

Humans vs Animals - Their priorities are different
Humans vs Animals - Their priorities are different

Humans have a very deeper and never ended relation with objects. Due to this connection, we constantly modifying things in nature according to our subjectivity, and will always continue till the human race is ended. It seems like we understand their usage of concentration. Although animals also have some sort of relation, there is a very clear limitation for them. For instance, a piece of wood in front of animals is useless because neither that animal can eat it nor can use it, but if that wooden piece has been in front of a human, he can kill that animal and feed himself. Moreover, if he feels to use it as fuel to ignite a fire, he can do also. The same thing our ancestors did with the things around them. They modify the matter according to their need and thrived their coming generation.

Human since childhood loves to Explore
Human since childhood loves to Explore

This inherited quality in Human blood creates more thirst for advancing themselves. Thus, creativity is borns which are followed by innovation. As Plato rightly said, necessity is the mother of invention. For instance, why a person feels the need for something? Because of the feeling which could satisfy its mind's desire. Consequently, he acts in a way, so he could meet with the feeling of desire which is driven by the feeling of pleasure.

An animal can teach their children only what is inbuilt in their nature, and there are not any human-teached qualities to animals that can be inherited to their offspring. For example, a well-trained dog can do some smart work, but if it cub is born, you have to teach it from the start. Moreover, a pet-trained falcon, for example, will teach eyas How to hunt, but can not teach what it had learned from its master. Nevertheless, humans are very unique in their nature. First of all, they can learn automatically from their surrounding. On the other hand, they can teach their children what they have learned from their experience.

human vs animals

There are enormous mysterious qualities that differentiate us from other species. Some have been researched, but many are remaining. The irony is that humans are still unaware of their true potential. As they are modernizing and advancing, they are crossing the skies.