Unlocking the mystery of time

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

In fictional movies, time is portrayed as a magical and mystical thing. In Marvel movies, Dr. strange can manipulate it, reverse it, and can trap you in a specific period as Dormamo was trapped. Moreover, in DC’s favorite franchise “Justice League,” the flash moved with the speed of light and backed in time for saving his team. It seems like you can do anything if you play with time. Nevertheless, in reality, it is simple as your date of birth or you can figure out how old are you.

For Human beings, time is just a number to locate the events. For example, if somebody’s ask you when your parents were born, you can easily tell them the year of birth with the help of numbers such as 1970 or whatever. Furthermore, some would ask when is your birthday, you can answer the date and the month.

In science, time is for measuring the rate of change for understanding the state, properties, and composition, and altering them later. For instance, you can measure the speed of the vehicle by just determining how much distance is covered in a particular point from A to point B thereby if you can find if the distance will be extended and time is the same, then how much speed will be required to cover the extended distance in a specific time. However, it is still the limited overview that humans deal with it.

Sir Isaac Newton invented the Calculus to measure the rate of change to understand more deeply. With the help of Calculus, we started to figure out the time dynamically concerning more small units like second. The question like how much the plant grows in a second started to be answered with the invention of Calculus. Today, in this advanced world, where the fighter jets move with ultrasonic speed and hypersonic, but even then their coordinates and dimension can be determined because of Calculus.

In the busiest and rich world, where the financial market and the future of investors, stockbrokers, and people, depends on the movement of the swing stage of currencies’ rates. Time plays a pivotal role. In just a second some people lose billions and others gain them. All is happening because of what we called time. What wait time is beyond the imagination of our in the financial market. Each movement and footprint of rate is recorded, and then statistically covenanted into graphs for understanding the trends. These trends tell us the probability of future events. Whether the stock price will go up or down. How much should be invested or not?

Life is so connected with time as the soul. How much a living thing would live to depend on the time. Humans, animals, and plants, all lives have some specific period of living. Death is the disconnection of your existence and life. For example, how do we measure the age of Aristotle? Of course, how much he lived from born to death. It would be very awkward if somebody would say he is more than 2000 years old.

In medical science, initially, doctors use to locate human health conditions by checking heartbeats. A change in your heartbeat can lead to a very dangerous consequence. For example, a normal heart beats 72 – 74 times in minutes. If it is way more normal means the blood pressure is high, and the red alert is on from your body. The thing is for notice is that there is a deep connection to your body’s health with time.

The relativity of time.

Till now, no one knows the universality of time, which means the time of the universe is still undiscovered. We measure the time of everything in the universe with respect to our created measurement. For example, what is the age of the sun, and this universe is defined by our system of measure. Even, we use to measure the light and sound speed according to our time. Hypnotically, a person living on another planet far from our earth and solar system. His measurement is maybe different than ours.

This is what Einstein’s concept of relativity two people on different points are not at the same time, but they are existing into different depending on how far they are. For instance, for the earth, we measure our time by the revolution of the earth around the sun. In a nutshell, the is centric to our existence. The earth's period of the complete circle is 365 days which we called a year. Conversely, the mars did its circulation in 687 days. Thus, the year on earth is less than the year on mars. If a person, who will be living on mars will be younger in terms of age compared with the time. But, again, it is the numbers that we used according to our measurement of the instrument.

Is time cyclic or linear?

The yearly revolution and daily rotation of the earth around the sun from billions of years consistently seems like a cyclic process. Plants grow and then diminish again cyclic. Human birth and death are also cyclic. It is like a system wherein things are going and going. But if it is a cycle then it must not have an end and maybe neither any start. However, if it is linear then someday the infinity will be known and the time will be ended.

However, as humans love to remember the event with a specific time, they connected the numbers with time to determine the specific time. For example, our system of remembering the date is Adin Latino AD, which started from the birth of Christ. For instance, the measuring of each revolution is converted into a year, the next revolution is the second year and the process keeps going. In this way, you can locate the specific event you can just find by going it reversed just like your date of birth. However, there are the humans created numbers into linear form otherwise it is a circular process. The time passes into a cycle considering with respect to the revolution.