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Understand China Taiwan Conflict

A recent visit of the US top official Nancy Pelosi sends shock waves throughout mainland China, and in response to the visit, Chinese President Xi Jinping lambasts the US for interfering in the China-Taiwan matter. Soon after the visit, China launched its military exercises in the Taiwanese strait. Consequently, Taiwan also answered aggressively to Chinese intrusion.

So what are the reasons behind the tension between China and Taiwan, and why China doesn't want any state to interfere in that matter?

Pre Sino-Japanese war, the Island named Taiwan was ruled by the Qing Dynasty along with mainland China. When the war with Japan broke out in 1895 over the territorial issue of the Korean peninsula, the Japanese army took complete control of Taiwan. The huge defeat of the Qing Dynasty by Japan, jolted the local public to turn against the long rule of the Qing Dynasty. Moreover, the public was demanding for long modernization and reforms in China. However, the conservatives in the Qing dynasty remained against western type modernization.