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Natural Disasters- Causes, Consequences, and Remedies

In the wake of industrialization, natural disasters are intensifying rapidly, exhibiting their adverse effects daily. However, these manifold repercussions are not vague from the globe. Natural disasters are natural phenomena that cause extensive damage to the lives and properties of the masses. The countries are experiencing innumerable consequences in the form of floods, droughts, monsoons, tsunamis, and heavy earthquakes. As a result of these impacts, environmental devastation becomes the fate of the countries through destroying millions of masses, livestock, and infrastructure of the regions and states every year. It threatens not only human beings but also plants and animals to suffer harshly.

Similarly, natural catastrophes are considered a looming threat to the regional economy. Nevertheless, Third world countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and India, are on the verge of natural disasters. Owing to climate change and bourgeois global warming, natural disasters are becoming more severe and common around the globe. For that reason, the state must be prepared to deal with the catastrophes of natural disasters. However, it is amid various social, environmental, technological, economic, and political joint causes that need stringent remedial measures on national as well as international levels to abate the consequences of the natural threats.