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Max Weber Bureaucracy - Theory and Disadvantages

Max Weber was a German sociologist, whose profound contribution to the development of social and political concepts, places him highly eminent. Unlike Comte and Durkheim, he argued in favor of normative dynamics of the society rather than solely using empirical analysis. For example, he wrote that one cannot understand individual behavior by putting him into quantitative equations because his thoughts and rationalism influence his actions; therefore, understanding the factor in terms of ideas and beliefs plays an important role.

Weber is famous for his bureaucratic model theory, which espouses the importance of bureaucracy at the administrative level. Near to Max Weber, bureaucracy is the best form of any governing system, which could account for ideal administration and public matters.

He believed so because People in the bureaucracy are recruited solely based on merit, which is determined by highly competitive testing procedures. They are mastered in their respective duties and possess profound knowledg