Is Corruption the mother of all evils in Pakistan?

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Corruption is the attaining of any undue advantage may it be wealth, power, or authority through unfair means. it is an evil that is pinching many countries badly. It has proliferated all over the world especially in third-world countries. Pakistan is one of the third-world countries which is facing this dilemma since its inception. Corruption in different forms affects differently, but one thing is on the top tier of government becomes corrupt as it is a very Chinese proverb that The fish rots from the head to down. Similarly, the system starts to decline morally, falling off socially and rots politically. The same is the case with Pakistan since it has emerged, it has seen a leadership crisis. Moreover, it can be proved through the fact that no Prime minister has completed the specified tenure to date.

"A statesman thinks of the future generation and a politician thinks of the next election" -- James Freeman Clarke

In addition to this, another cause of corruption is the politicians prioritizing their interest surpassing the national interest then they fulfill their desire leaving behind the national interest. Ultimately, the people face the music as corruption results in economic crises such as the fiscal deficit, GDP growth, import-export ratio, etc. the economic crises lead to further problems like unemployment and poverty which increases the crime rate because people fear dying poor pumps then to become criminals like thieves, and etc. On a broader prospect, if one views the whole situation of Pakistan, on an international level, Pakistan is grey listed by FATF and is struggling to come out. It also has serious implications like the international business community avoids investing in a country that is already grey listed.

Furthermore, Pakistan now has had it enough. The need of the hour is to take some prompt steps to reduce rising issues of corruption like accountability ought to be across the board. Secondly, the remuneration of bureaucrats should be enhanced. Thirdly, the election should be held free and fair. So that the leader must be holding the mandate will be honest. Fourthly, to educate young guns who are the future of the nation. fifthly, to create general awareness among people to work for the betterment and prosperity of the country. Finally, the attitude of rejection must be promoted as Pope Francis said, "Reject every form of corruption which diverse the resources away from the poor"