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How did the Glorious Revolution change Britain forever?

Britain, which was a competing ground for monarchies, would have chosen a path of inclusivity and prosperity at the time of the Industrial Revolution. The change occurred when a new kind of society based on principles of innovations and technologies had already emerged, and the obsolete feudal system had been banished. Although it is depicted that the turning point in the history of Britain was the mid-18th century, many factors and incidents in the past were responsible for the abrupt and massive transformation.

The first stone of change was placed in 1252 in the reign of King John. Barons, businessmen, and traders forced the King to sign the first charter of Human Rights of Europe "Magna Carta." The agreement was made amid the long struggle between barons and the monarch. The King continually levied heavy taxes on people to collect money so the British Empire could strengthen its military. Resultantly, the merchants were disaffected by the aggressive decision of the King, hindering their profits. However, they succeeded in persuading the King with their influence. They affirmed as per the clause written in the charter that if the King transcends its limitation and levies taxes without barons&#