A comprehensive society brings out the best individual

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

An Individual improves his intellectual ability in heterogeneity:

As Human is a social animal, he cannot live in isolation. Thus, he needs all that things, including people and learning means from which he can understand. According to the social learning theory by Albert Bandura, a person learns from his surroundings which means that most of our knowledge comes from others. Further extending the concept, Aristotle asserted that humans are rational animals, and he reasons about the things he encounters. By summarizing the argument mentioned above, we can conclude that humans attain knowledge, and secondly, he differentiates the facts and concludes through the intrinsic ability that nature provided him. Owing to the diversity in a society, where a person finds many things, Human tends to flourish his ability and develop understanding. However, if his brain's input is too constrained and limited in purview, he would never reach the highest point of intellectualness. Therefore, a society must be full of diversity so that individual minds can be developed brilliantly.

A widespread of education booms the individual’s talent:

An Education system, which covers all aspect of knowledge, polish the intrinsic abilities of an individual. We are born equal, but we are not the same in terms of genes and skills, and this is the beauty of nature that differs us from every other species. We all think differently and conceives things in diversity, so our choices are varied to each other. Therefore, we see that not all siblings choose the same field for a career in a family even though they are grown in the same environment. A person feels comfortable when anything he studies coincides with his brain. Thus, he becomes ready to put in his best effort willingly. At one time, it was considered that the analytically better person is more intelligent than who is not. However, those notions had been replaced by the multiple intelligence theory by Howard Gardner, who argued that we could not measure the intelligence of any person with a single instrument. It is like marking the ability of fish based on tree-climbing and figuring out the skills of Lion by his swimming ability. Hence, this proves that our brain functioning is different from each other, and it is mandatory to have the availability of a comprehensive education system, so a person could find the genre of field and make himself best in his shoes.